Young Kitten Discovered Stuck In Car Engine For A Day At Airport Parking Garage

The Guest Services Supervisors at Tampa International Airport had quite an exciting day at work last week. As the hours went by, the 2 workers were approached by a concerned woman. She had just parked her vehicle in the short term parking garage for an impending trip. But as she grabbed her belongings, she heard the desperate mews of a crying kitten! Not able to locate one, she was now recruiting the airport staff. The three heroes were finally able to track down the pitiful cries of the kitten. When they discovered it stuck in a car engine, they knew they had to save it.

What they DID know is that the kitten had been stuck in the car engine for at least a day!

Photo: @flyTPA

How exactly did they know this? Someone had tapped a note about a “crying kitten” on the car the day before! But no one had alerted the airport security team about it at that point. If not for the caring woman that day, it’s possible the kitten’s fate would have been very different.

Jiomarie Santiago and Colin Murphy were the supervisors that accepted the challenge to save the furbaby. They grabbed a flashlight and rushed to the 7th floor parking garage. They were easily able to see the little grey kitten hanging onto the underside of the car engine compartment. But the kitten was just out of their reach!  See More

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