Verizon Suspends Worker Who Rescued Cat Using His Work Equipment

Not all heroes wear capes some wear hardhats and yellow vests. Maurice German, a Verizon employee, was working in Port Richmond when he answered the distressed call of neighbours regarding their cat Princess Momma, who had been stuck on a telephone pole for the past 12 hours. However, what ended as a happy story for the cat ended with a job suspension for German.

The cat owners were distraught and said they had attempted to contact the animal rescue, the fire department, and other organizations for help but had been unsuccessful. Thankfully for them, German accepted the challenge and was recorded in a video from CBS Philly reporter Steve Lindsay, rescuing the animal with the help of his company equipment. Well, it turns out that Verizon does not have a soft spot for kitty rescue videos and responded by suspending the worker. In response to his suspension, the internet has rallied around German in a truly heartwarming way. Go To Next Page To See More

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