Stray Kitten Walks into Man’s Apartment and Decides to Stay and Change His Life

A little stray kitten wandered into an apartment in Northern California. A man offered her some tuna, and she decided to make him family.

Adam Laigo was having friends over for a game night at his apartment a month ago. While his roommates were taking a break outside, they saw a little bundle of fluff walk right up to the door and try to enter.

“I was making food when one of my roommates said, ‘hey, there’s a cat here.’ I peeked around the corner and she was cautiously making her way a few feet into the door, sniffing the ground while keeping a watchful eye on us,” Adam told Love Meow.

While the kitten was inspecting their abode, she suddenly got spooked and ran back outside. Adam grabbed a can of tuna and went to find her.

“I couldn’t just let a stray kitten that came in, go back out if I had the chance to help.” See More

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