Only Half The Size Of Her Litter Mates, Tiny “Baby’s Breath” Blossoms Into A Gorgeous Feline

Most people would like to think that all the cute kittens that are born each year, have no issues and go on to live long, wonderful lives. Not quite. MOST kittens born each year are likely born on the streets. They fight to survive mother nature, other animals and sneaky viruses. Some are picked up by Animal Control and some are “rescued”. But it gets worse. The unfortunate kittens that are still bottle feeding or have medical issues are often euthanized. And this is simply because there is no one to care for “special needs” kittens. So when the notice went out for 4 kittens about to be put to sleep for having ringworm, it was no surprise to some. Happily, a brave soul stepped in to help. And for the runt of the group, only half the size of the others, that help is what saved her life twice.

But although the little girl’s body was half the size, her heart was just as full.
It was May 23rd when Andrea Budkis Christian received a message from another rescuer. Both volunteer with St. Francis Society Animal Rescue in Tampa, Florida but Andrea is a “cat whisperer”. She’s taken on more cases than we can count that revolve around injured and sick felines. So ringworm wasn’t going to scare her off! Go To Next Page To See More


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