Kitten Found In Garbage With Head Covered In Spray Foam

In early May 2019, a garbageman was collecting trash when he came across a shocking sight. The garbageman found a little eight-week-old kitten trapped in one of the trash cans, encased in a thick, hardened foam.

The garbageman found the kitten when he attempted to use a hydraulic arm on the trashcan. The contents of the trashcan weren’t coming out, so the garbageman peered inside.

That’s when he heard the little kitten whining. Amazingly, the kitten was still alive.

“The driver took the garbage can back to the Hillsboro Garbage Disposal facility,” Washington County’s sheriff office wrote on Facebook.

The garbageman and his co-workers worked together to save the poor kitten from the foam before he suffocated.

“A whole team of his coworkers came together and rescued the cat, and cut it out, they used razor blades to cut some of the foam off the kitten’s face…and bring it to the vet,” Brian van Kleef, a deputy with the Washington County Sheriff’s Office, said. See More

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