Jon Stewart And His Wife Opened A 12-Acre Sanctuary For Abused Animals

Just when you thought we couldn’t love Jon anymore, he and his wife end up rescuing abused animals and provide them with a safe haven.

Jon Stewart has been one of the most recognized TV show hosts and comedians out there — sure we all know him from his Daily Show that ran from 1999 to 2015.

Jon has been in the news for many reasons – be it fighting to get justice for firefighters and servicemen who became sick as a result of 9/11 and even his recent angry, emotional speech to Congress. But did you know, he is also one of those few celebrities who owns a 12-acre farm to shelter abused animals?

It all happened in 2015 when Jon and his wife, Tracey Stewart decided to buy a sprawling farm in New Jersey — and for a very good reason. The power couple has got the green light to turn the farm area into an animal rescue and education centre. As reported by the New York Times. See More


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