Jenny and Malcolm

And Jenny heard herself say: Yes. Yes, I will.

At 22 years old, single, not sure what the future would hold, Jenny gave up her dream of going back to school so that she could say yes to the dream of being Malcolm’s mother. “Malcolm made me a mama,” she told us.

Jenny has been a foster mother for 17 years now. Her precious Malcolm died from complications of his condition three years ago, but not before he was loved well and unconditionally by his second mama. His second mama was a gift to Malcolm from his first mama. Jenny is still grieving Malcolm, but she works while she grieves. You see, a few years after Jenny adopted Malcolm, she also adopted Dana, an infant with cerebral palsy. Dana just graduated from high school. Next, she adopted Hannah Joy and Mackenzie and raised them alongside Tobias, her biological son. With these 5, Jenny believed her family was complete.

Jenny's family

But then Jenny met another mama in her special needs community who was dying of cancer. This mama’s greatest fear was leaving her daughter Nikkia behind without the special care she needed. Jenny looked at Nikkia, looked at her new friend and then looked at her family. She said: “I will raise her. I will love Nikkia well for you.”

Several years ago, in the midst of caring for her six children, Jenny went back to school. She will graduate in December with a special needs education degree. Her children will be there to celebrate with her as she accepts her diploma.

Julie told us that Jenny’s greatest need right now is adequate transportation for her family. Jenny often has to make two trips to get her family to the doctor and church. Two of her children weigh over one hundred pounds each, and Jenny has to lift them herself to get them in her car.

THIS IS HOW WE ARE GOING TO GET JENNY AND HER WARRIORS RISING: We will buy Jennifer a fully equipped handicap-accessible van. We will make sure that they can safely travel through this beautiful life together.

Friends, meet Miranda and Ellie. When Miranda started looking into fostering a child, she met Ellie.

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