Groom Loves His Cat So Much, He Made The Feline His Best Man


Aaron Benitez and Prince Michael have been inseparable since the day the Brooklyn man adopted the grey feline.

It’s a well-documented friendship thanks to Benitez’s YouTube account Aaron’s Animals, which has over 2 million subscribers and dozens of videos featuring Prince Michael and Benitez hanging out.

“We really are best friends, on and off the screen. I know I can always count on Prince Michael to put a smile on my face when I’m down or be my wingman when I’m up,” Benitez said of the “friendly, easy-going, loyal, loving” cat.

So when it came time for Benitez to get married, he knew Prince Michael had to be involved.

“When we looked for venues, allowing cats was the main priority,” the cat’s owner told PEOPLE. “When we picked a caterer, we made sure they could make salmon (Michael’s fave). Go To Next Page To See More


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