Deaf Senior Cat Simply Walked Into A Neighbors Home & Changed His Life Forever!

For certain souls, there is an inherent wisdom that comes naturally with age. That wisdom leaves the rest of us often wondering just what the heck are they are thinking and doing?! But we must trust that their experiences have proved educational in the past–and may do so again. So although we’re often surprised by life’s little moments, there are some that are TOO shocking to NOT share! For one family in Valrico, Florida, they experienced the wisdom of one senior male cat–who simply walked through the front door of their home on May 22nd!

This senior cat must have been extremely wise, as he walked into the residence of a very dedicated cat rescuer!

Andrea Budkis Christian fosters for St. Francis Society Animal Rescue and you’ve likely seen numerous stories about her fosters in the past. She tends to take on the severe cases and is truly a life-saver to these delicate lives.

So did this wise old cat know that Andrea was his first step to a new life? And just exactly where did he come from? With the TNVR (Trap/Neuter/Vaccinate/Return) work that she does, she’s pretty familiar with the felines in her neighborhood. But this old chap was new and clearly very friendly! Go To Next Page To See More


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