Blind Raccoon Brought Kittens to His Human Friend and Saved Their Lives…

A blind raccoon brought his trusted bodyguards, two black kittens, to his food provider so they could share meals together.

Meet these adorable unlikely friends!

Blind Raccoon had been coming to Eryn’s home in Illinois to scavenge for food since 2009. He usually came to his human’s backyard for a nice breakfast buffet early in the morning around 6 – 9 AM, and often returned for an extra meal or two later in the day.

“His eyes shone bright green during the day. He was at least partially blind, walked into things, and was afraid of the wind, high grass, birds and snow,” Eryn (@eryn_09) said.

In late October 2014, two little black kittens showed up on the outskirts of their yard as the raccoon came for his daily refreshment. The kitties befriended him and started following him around, like his very own bodyguards. Go To Next Page To See More


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