Alaskan Man Wakes Up To Find Lynx Family Playing On His Porch (Photos)

One morning, Tim Newton of Alaska woke to hear scrambling and rustling on his porch. His first thought was of a break-in, but what he found was much, much better.

A lynx family – a mother and her kittens – were having playtime in his yard.

Newton said that he heard the sound around dawn. He put on his robe, went to the door, and drew back the curtain. There, almost close enough to touch was a little lynx kitten and his siblings.

As Newton watched, a half dozen more kittens joined their sibling on the deck. Newton, an animal lover and photographer, ran for his camera. He started snapping as many pictures as he could.

The kittens and their mother stayed for about 40 minutes, romping and wrestling on Newton’s porch. When they’d finished their play, the mama lynx gathered her cubs and herded them back toward the forest. See More

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