8 Male Celebrities Who Love Cats

Any guy can like dogs, but it takes a real man to love cats. Obviously, we are huge fans of cats–especially crazy cat gents! It seems like dog dads get lots of attention these days in the media, but there are quite a few devoted cat dads who also happen to be celebrities–and they’re not shy about professing their love in favor of the feline kind.

Check out our fun list of 8 male celebrities who love cats. Meow!

1- Ricky Gervais

Many of us know Ricky Gervais for making us laugh, but what you may not know is that Ricky is also a huge advocate for animal welfare and the better treatment of animals.

And one thing is also certain, this is a man that truly adores cats. His own cat, Ollie, even has her very own Facebook page! A family of celebrities!

Check them out together here…clearly she’s got her daddy wrapped right around her pretty paw! Go To Next Page To See More


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